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Every small business owner is always looking for a product that is so unique and different that it will be the talk of the town. Now you can look no further for FineCharms proudly introduces our beautifully handcrafted Italian Charms and accessories.

Some examples that our vast online product catalog holds are starter bracelets, alphanumeric charms, pet charms, and, well…the list goes on and on! Something new that FineCharms offers wholesale are the uniquely crafted Laser Charms. Just about anything can be engraved onto these stainless steel charms thanks to the laser-etched technology. Think about it: Your company’s logo, artwork or saying or anything you can dream up can be engraved on these 9mm works of art.

FineCharms offers discounts for wholesale customers who are thinking of purchasing our products in bulk.

Please contact us with your questions or proposals.